2012: Races and Triathlons

Jan 22: Indoor Triathlon Series (St Peter's Rec Plex) -- 300 yards swimming, 10 miles biking, 3 miles running.   This ended up being a tough experience -- it has been almost a month since my last indoor tri and I hadn't swam at all during that time!  But my swim was fast here (possibily my fastest?) but I was pretty exxhausted by the time I hit the running (and then I had a faulty treadmill problem that kept me from getting into my groove).   Time:  1:08:15.

Feb 5:  West County Indoor Triathlon  Exactly one hour to do do 10 minutes in the pool, 30 on the bike, and then 20 on the treadmill.  I ended up getting 1st place in my age group wiuth 229 points -- the woman behind me got 225 points!  Yipeee!

Feb 11Jewish Community Center Triathon (Long)  Well, I had to brave a mini-snow storm at 5 AM in the morning to make it there!  17:58 in the water for 750 yards (I am pretty sure that this is the longest swim I have ever completed!), 41:11 for the 18 miles on the bike, and then 51:58 for the 5 mile run.  TOTAL TIME:  1:55:05.

Feb 12:  "Run for Chocolate" 5K in downtown St Louis.  Freezing cold. I actually took extra long in the porta potty in order to stay out of the wind! Enough said!  TOTAL TIME:  30:25.

Feb 12: Indoor Triathlon Series (St Peter's Rec Plex) -- 300 yards swimming, 10 miles biking, 3 miles running.  Swim time was 7:16, bike time was 19:56, and run time was 35:10 -- not bad for being my third athletic event of the weekend!  TOTAL TIME: 1:05:30

Feb 19: Indoor Triathlon Series (St Peter's Rec Plex) -- 300 yards swimming, 10 miles biking, 3 miles running.  Best time yet for this season.  Swim time was 6:41, bike time was 20:00 on the dot, and my run time was 30:36.  Total Time: 57:17 (under an hour!)

March 11Quivering Quads Half-Marathon (trail run).  Seriously the hardest race I do every year!  This year, I broke my new water bottle before I even made it to mile 4 but I still had fun!  No rain so no mud!  Whee!  TOTAL TIME:  3:26:13

March 25: Indoor Triathlon Series (St Peter's Rec Plex) -- 300 yards swimming, 10 miles biking, 3 miles running.  Last one of the season -- I was hoping for under an hour but not quite!  TOTAL TIME: 1:00:43.  Oh well, I just need to get on this quicker next season!

April 15Go!  St Louis Half Marathon (downtown)  13.1 miles of something close to hell!  I guess I am truly out of shape because I had a tough time with the hills!  I was pretty much done with this race by the time I got to mile 6 but ... I kept going.  TOTAL TIME:  2:28:52.

April 29:  The APA Fast and Furriest 5K (Tower Grove Park) -- Stella and I had fun doing this race!  She could have gone so much faster but she had me hanging on for dear life behind her!  TOTAL TIME:  32:36. Not terribly happy about the time but it is what it is!

May 20"Run Like a Diva" Half-Marathon (in North Myrtle Beach, SC)    I had a great time running this with my Air Force pal, Brandi!  We loved that at mile 12, we both got a tiara and a pink boa!  And ... the finish line included near naked fireman handing out the medals and champagne!  Loved it!  I was hoping for a better time but with little training -- and the major plus of hanging out with Brandi -- I will take this time!  TOTAL TIME:  2:48:39

June 9:  Route 66 10K -- I walked this with my friends Peggy and Laura!  I was still a little disappointed with the time, though, even understanding that we walked this entire route.  A great course so maybe I will run it next year!  TOTAL TIME: 1:35:34.

June 17:  Spring St Peter's Rec Plex Triathlon (500 meters in the pool, 21 miles on the bike, and then 5 miles running!).   I did the best I could but came up slower than I wanted to be.  In fact, out of 15 women in my age group, I was number 12  :<     But in positive news -- this gives me something to work harder on for next time!  TOTAL TIME:  2:26:32.

August 25:  The Lake St Louis Triathlon -- I am so glad that I did this event because I am no longer afraid of open water (OK, maybe a little!).  I was super nervous wit the swim but then felt fabulous as I moved to the bike.  I did feel pretty wasted by the time I started running but it felt incredible to finish my first open water!).  For .25 mile swimming my time was 14:07, the time biking 12.3 miles was 47:21, and the 2.5 run was 29:14.  TOTAL TIME:  1:37:27.

This was the last event of the season for me until (1) next year and (2) I finish my dissertation!

November 11:  St Peter's Rec Plex Indoor Tri #1   The first one back!  My swim time for 300 yards was 6:30, followed by 19:05 on the bike, and then a slow 32:52 for 3 miles on the treadmill.  My total time was 1:02:46.  This was the start and hopefully by the end of the practice season (March), I can get this down to under an hour!  :D   ( ended up getting third place for women in my age group -- only three seconds behind the number two person!)