Monday, February 24, 2014

Stitch Fix #5 Review and Plea for Help!

I love coming home and seeing this next to my front mat!

By door
(PS:  I know Zora the cat has been gone for a year now but I can't seem to get rid of the mat that reminds me of her every time I come home!)

Yep, that is a Stitch Fix box, a subscription box that I have been trying for the last few months.  If you don't know, basically you pay a $20 styling fee and then your stylist sends you five items that he/ she things would work for you (I have a Pinterest board to give the stylist an idea of what I like).  If you like the items, you keep them (with a 20% discount if you keep all five items).  Anything you don't like gets sent back in the included bag (that already has postage!).  You have three days to decide.  It's good to choose at least one item because the folks at Stitch Fix take the $20 from your styling fee as the credit for the box (and it doesn't roll over so you have to use it!).  The whole point is to be introduced to new styles that can blend with your current wardrobe.  Since I am becoming grumpy when I head out to the mall, this is a great alternative where I can try stuff on at home and see how the item works with my wardrobe! As you may have noticed from some of my prior reviews, you can tell your stylist a price point but that doesn't mean that is what you get.  I think many of the items are on the expensive side but I will say that I have noticed some great quality in the items that have been sent to me.

So I need your help, dear readers!  Here are the five items I received and I am still not sure what I will keep (in terms of item #4 and item #5)!

Item #1:  Yumi Clay Owl Print Button-Up Cotton Cardigan ($28)

Sorry for the selfies throughout this review.  Jim, the photographer, was actually at work (perhaps making money for the clothes I always want to buy!).  Anyway -- I literally giggled when I saw the Yumi brand at the top of the box when I first opened it -- and with owls on it!  WTF?!  I love Laura, my stylist!  My favorite designer and one of my favorite types of prints!  Winner!  And was I looking at the invoice wrong?  Does that say $28??  Yeah, that is so staying in my closet!
And look!  Patches at the elbows!  How cool is that?!
The back of the cardigan had this at the top -- that is when I noticed that the eyes on the owls were little beads.  Total giggle-fest.  Dianna is in love!  (Please don't judge me!)

VERDICT:  Need I say it?  KEEPER!

Item #2: 41Hawthorn Harriet Aztec Print Fit and Flare Dress ($64)

I have discovered that the brand "41Hawthorn" is the house brand for Stitch Fix so it is common to get something by this brand in your box (I already have two shirts that I love that came in previous boxes).  Usually, I am a "Fit and Flare" kind of a gal.  But not this dress.  The waist was a little high (I didn't think my torso was too long but the waist hits me in a weird place).  As the picture shows, the top didn't quite fit me either.
Dress two
Some of my skin was popping out from the underarms.  Not a pretty picture at all.  But I kept the dress on to check out item #3!


Item #3:  41Hawthorn Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer ($78)
Dress cardi

I added my own belt to try and rescue the waist of the dress but the belt wasn't working.  I loved the idea of the blazer before I put it on -- pretty "heavy," though, which might not work as (1) we head toward spring and (2) Dianna still suffers from the sweat of menopause!  I do love the pop of color but, in the end, the shoulders were a little tight (I must have the shoulders of a linebacker!) and for $78 I would need to LOVE this item to keep it!


But the last two pieces?  Help! Read on!

Item #4:  Pomelo Lombard Printed Mixed Material Blouse ($88)

Why do I always fall in love with the most expensive item in the box?!  I love this blouse -- it is comfy but professional and has some cool details (the mix of cotton and something synthetic, the cute buttons on the sleeves) but ... $88?  Really?  So not fair.  (I checked online and can't find it anywhere else at any price)

Item #5:  Sold Design Lab Giovanna Skinny Ponte Pant ($110)

And, of course, I am being indecisive with the other super expensive item in the box -- these ponte pants (here there are with the shirt above!)
Unfortunately, since the pants are black, it is super hard to see them here.  I tried to get an up close picture and this is the best I could do:
This is not a super flattering picture either.  Basically, these are sort of like leggings but "nicer."  The material is a little heavy and feels top notch.  I know that Jim hates it when I wear leggings, so I had left a note for the stylist to consider something "like" leggings but "not" leggings.  But $110?  Why do they have to be so comfortable?  Why?  Why?

So there is my dilemma.  The owl cardigan is never leaving my closet.  Ever.  The dress and the blazer are going back for sure.  That leaves the shirt and the pants.  What should I do?  Any thoughts?


  1. irt #4, i don't think that's the most flattering cut for you. i think it's too boxy. and for the "leggings": check ann taylor loft for very similar, in the $70 or less range. i just picked up a pair of their Super Skinny jeans in a super dark blue wash. they are softer than regular denim. and i got them on super sale: $15!

  2. Wendy -- Thank you for your feedback! I send both back -- you were spot on with your comments! The more I looked at the short, the more "boxy" it looked! The fabric was so soft, I was trying to find a reason to keep it! :D