Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Afternoon!

I think almost anyone who teaches would say that the last 5-6 weeks of class are the most difficult.  A lot of our students are starting to get that "Spring Itch" and it probably doesn't help that the weather has turned more pleasant and being outside sounds like much more fun than being inside. I "get" this feeling because I am sort of guilty of feeling the same way!  After being cooped up inside all winter (and, boy, did we get a crazy, snowy one this year) the attractions of being outside and feeling lazy are just too tempting.

I know that I need to blog more.  Blogging (or just plain ol' writing) helps me loosen up a bit before I take on "bigger" projects like ... dissertation revising.  So here is my promise to myself -- I will blog more and, as a result, finish those pesky revisions!  To kick start this new week off, here are some issues that I am thinking through right now:
  • Most importantly, I need to finish the revision of chapter three (methodology).  I have a lot of what I need in this chapter done but I need to reorganize the whole sucker.
  • I will be getting a whole boat load of student essays this week -- I need to make sure to evaluate them carefully and get them back to the students by the end of the week.
  • Submit my presentation proposal to the TYCA Mid-West Conference in October.  I basically have it done but I need to get it formatted and emailed.
  • Work on a 4C's proposal ... I think.  I would like to submit something having to do with my dissertation study but I am not 100% sure that I want to.  I have had such great luck with 4C's proposals (every single time I have submitted I have gotten in!) that I am not sure that I want to jinx myself with a proposal that may be hastily put together.  To do it well might take more brain cells that I possess at the moment!
  • Clean my home office (trust me, it is a mess!)
  • Update the reading list on this blog, as well as the race results page.  (Done!)
Before I started this list, it sure seemed like I had a lot more on my plate.  Of course, this list doesn't account for the usual triathlon race and training schedule and my weekly volunteer work at Hope Clinic.  And then there is keeping the house in decent shape and planning semi-healthy meals.  Oh, and coming up with interesting "lesson plans" and all that fun stuff.

OK, maybe I do have a lot to do!  But one thing at a time!  Today?  I have an indoor triathlon in a few hours (why do I always get so nervous even though this is just practice with my pals?) and I need to start tackling chapter three.  I am ready for classes tomorrow (included a whole pile of papers that I managed to finish evaluating Friday afternoon and yesterday morning).  I will check in tomorrow and report on what I managed to complete on Sunday!  :D

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