Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Night

I just have time for a quick update!  I am about to walk into my night class but I spent the entire afternoon working on the rewriting for Chapter 2.  My major issue (and I am sure that there are tons of minor problems as well!) was that I needed to be clearer (more aggressive) about what it is that I am doing with my research.  As I mentioned previously, it is sort of a psychological "thing" for me to be more assertive about what it is that I am trying to accomplish.  My biggest fear is that I have nothing to bring to the table -- I have somehow complete misunderstood everything that I have ever read.  So I went through the entire chapter, trying my best to connect my thinking with the words on the page (and there was a fair amount of deleting and reshaping).  Now I need to do the same for Chapter 3.  I liked giving myself a self-imposed deadline of today for Chapter 2 so I am now giving myself a self-imposed deadline for Chapter 3 -- next Tuesday (Feb 5).  I will then -- hopefully -- be ready to restructure and rethink the remaining chapters.  So if you see me around -- ask me how Chapter 3 is going!  Pressure me!  If I am going to graduate in May, I need to be fully committed to finishing this project.  And peer pressure can't hurt, eh?!

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