2011: Races and Triathlons!

3/12/11 St Patrick's Day Race -- Downtown  (5 miles)
Tough race; never got my "mo jo" ....
FINAL TIME:  50:33

3/20/11  Quivering Quads Trail Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
At Quivre River State Park -- took almost 10 minutes off my time from last year!
FINAL TIME:  3:22:22

3/27/11 St Peter's Rec Plex Indoor Tri (300 yards, 10 miles, 3 miles)
This will be the third one in a series
Swimming: 6:32 (took a minute off my time!)
Cycling:  18:45 (took almost another minute off my time!)
Running:  28:40 (again, took off almost another minute!)
FINAL TIME58:38 (compared to the two previous times of 1:03 and 1:02)

4/10/11 Go! St Louis Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
A surprisingly hot day here in St Louis made this one a challenge for me!  I was hoping to finish closer to my PR of 1:50 but ... you take what you get!  The first 6 miles were great until I started to cramp up a bit.

4/23/11 Washington University Sprint Triathlon (400 yards swimming, 12 miles on bike, and 3.1 mile run)
What fun!  This is the first time in my racing career where there has been heavy rain, hail, and tornado sirens all at the same time!  But I finished in way under two hours, the time I had set for myself!  No split times were taken, however!  I just have my final time!
FINAL TIME: 1:40:58

5/1/11 APA Fast and Furriest 5K (3.1 miles)
I ran this one with my pup, Stella!  I had a minor case of Shin issues but we finished strong, I think!
FINAL TIME30:12  (#8 out of 29 women in my age group!)

5/30/11 Highland Biathlon (5 mile run; 15 mile bike)
I ran the run in about 52:18 and by the time that Jim finished the tough 15 mile bike course, our chip time was 2:04:09.  One thing that slowed both of us down -- hot, hot, hot!

6/4/11  USO Mud Run (5K cross country run with mud obstacle course!)
I had a blast!  Way muddier than last year!  I finished #9 out of 39 women in my age group!  I'll take it!

6/11/11  Komen Race for the Cure (3.1 run; I'm in the timed division)
I ran in 30:24 -- I had been hoping for a faster time but I just didn't have it in me.

6/19/11 Spring Triathlon at the St Peter's Rec Plex (mostly outdoor!)
Swim time (500 meters) was 14:35, bike time (15 miles) was 1:03:26, and run time (4.4 miles) was 49:12. The bike course was shortened because of flooding.
Overall time was 2:07:13.

8/07/11  Flat Five in St Charles  (5 miles)
Hot and humid and my first race post-Japan.  Finished in 53:08 (84th woman out of 162 so I will take it!Every finisher gets a trophy -- I have 17th place and 20th place from previous years).

8/14/11 Alligator Creek Triathlon   (300 yard swim; 18 mile bike; 3.1 mile run)
Hills, hills, hills ... and more hills!  A little bummed that I was only 6th out of 10 women in my age group but the hills were pretty brutal (and it was hot!).  One big mistake that I made -- I forgot my bike helmet and had to run to a 24 hour Walmart that was luckly nearby!
Segment Times:  7:35 (swim); 1:17:25 (bike); 36.58 (run)
Total Time:  2:01:54

8/28/11  Sunset Hills Triathlon (400 yards, 21 miles bike, and 3.1 miles running)
Wow -- and to think that I thought the triathlon on August 14th was hilly!  This one about killed me!  Honestly, though, this was one of the first ones where I thought I would not be able to finish --- but I did!  Humid and Hilly are the two buzz words for this race.  The bad?  There were 18 women in my age group and I finished 16th.  The good?  I finished.
Segment Times:  10:55 (swim); 1:29:19 (bike); 38:33 (Run)
Total Time:  2:18:47

9/18/11 Millstadt Biathlon  (5 miles running and 22 miles cycling)
This was actually sort of fun for being a wet and rainy day!  I met a nice woman and we ran together without stopping the entire time (I used to run 5 miles in about 45 minutes but I will take the 52!).  I love my new bike -- I passed people!  How cool is that!
Total Time:  2:16:17

10/2/11  St Peter's Rec Plex Fall Triahtlon  (500 meters swimming, 20 miles cycling, 4.4 miles running)
Perfect weather though a wee bit cold!  The only bad part was a flat tire at the beginning of the bike portion but the best part were all the great friends and family who came out!  So cool!  Swim time -- 14:48, cycle time -- 1:22:50, run time -- 46:46).
Total Time:  2:24:24

10/23/11  Rock'n'Roll St Louis (inaugural race!)  A great new race though it took me about 5 and a half hours to complete it (which I suppose isn't too bad if you consider that I did pretty much no training!).  South city course with lots of spectators -- and great weather!
Total Time:  5:33:52

11/6/11  St Peter's Rec Plex Indoor Triathlon I (300 yards, 10 miles, 3 miles)
End results -- Swim was 7:06, Bike was 23:00, Run was 33:12.  I had some trouble on the bike -- felt dizzy the last mile and almost couldn't finish but I gutted it out.  Sat for about 2 minutes before I took off for the treadmill.  Not sure what happened but maybe I didn't drink enough water.  (2nd in my age group, though!)
Total Time:  1:11:28

11/13/11  West County YMCA Indoor Triathlon  (500 meters, 9 miles, 3 miles)
Swim -- 13:38, Bike -- 28:29, Run -- 30:44.  I felt pretty strong and managed to not feel dizzy this time!
Total Time:  1:17:11 (1st place in my age group!  OK, there were only 3 of us but still -- it counts!)

11/20/11  Jingle Bell 5K (Arthritis Foundation)
I can't believe how strong I felt in this race -- my best 5K time since early 2010.  Dianna is slowly coming back!  (or maybe I was so terribly cold -- it was definitely freezing this morning -- that I ran faster to get to the warm car?
Total Time:  30:03

11/20/11  St Peter's Rec Plex Indoor Triathlon II (300 yards, 10 miles, 3 miles)
Swim -- 5:58, Bike -- 20:51, Run -- 29:25.  An almost 8 minute improvement from last week!  Wee!
Total Time: 1:03:00

12/11/11  St Peter's Rec Plex Indoor Triathlon III (300 yards, 10 miles, 3 miles)

12/18/11  St Peter's Rec Plex Indoor Triathlon IV (300 yards, 10 miles, 3 miles)